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LoDaRe Design & Decor

Timeless Creativity.


We offer ad-hoc, professional and international certificate workshops online now where students from any part of the world can now learn. 

These workshops will allow you to graduate with international certificates that will help you be

1. Certified nationally as an art teacher for mixed media art, decoupage and special effects on all surface such as wood, metal, canvas, plastic, leather, fabric.

2.  Help students to conceptualise their artworks and add additional effects on their artpiece to increase their chances in winning international art awards.

3. Help students to prepare their art porfolios for entry to universities or pass their exam projects. 


All Art Courses PU Mediums Animal Theme Napkins Birds Theme Napkins Country Theme Napkins Dine Theme Napkins Event Theme Napkins Fairy Theme Napkins Flower and/or Butterfly Theme Napkins Letters Theme Napkins Music Theme Napkins Ocean Theme Napkins Pattern Theme Napkins Christianity Theme Napkins Sea Creatures Theme Napkins Wedding and/or Romance Theme Napkins Scenery Theme Napkins Nature Napkins - Trees, Branches, Leaves Other Napkins Special Effects Liquid LoDaRe Customised Cushioned Lights Personalised Messages Mulberry Paper Napkin Mulberry Paper Brush, Sponge & Tools Glue & Varnish Artist's Kit