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Special luggage for decoupage.

Gold leaf and paint on glass.

Glass varnish on wooden painted bowl.

Painting with paper on canvas board.

 Basket sling bag.

Stunning mineral oil plate painting effect.

Recycling a used coffee jar to a piece of art.

Paper decoupage with mineral paint on glass.

Painting and tissue.

Decoupaging power switch.

Covers of mirror decoupaged by paper art napkin.

Plastic dustbin with paint, paper and special effect.

Tin with gold and paper.

Designing bag with special paper.

Basket bag.

Creating a mirror on vase with decoupage.

Designing leather shoes with decoupage.

Decoupaged wooden cross.

Decoupaging a Real Bee Hive House.


MDF rose tray.

Special paper with gold powder on glass.

Decorating iphone covers with paper art napkins.

Decorating the pouch.

Paper and painting on glass.

Vintage tissue box.

Tanning the wood stool to a darker tone.

Pop up effect.

Decoupaged Pencil Case and Pouch.

Customised wallet with elegant design of tissue material.

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