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Reviews of Student Graduates (International Italy Decoupage Teacher/Artist Certificate with Distinction)

"I really enjoyed the classes, learning more than 30 decoupage techniques! Thanks to the trainer who gave good demonstrations on how each project to be completed with proper tools and mediums.

I would love to learn more of other techniques!" - Jessie

"Simply awesome! I have finally completed the whole program and the best is that I passed the exam. Hurray!" - Amai

"I learnt a lot, not only techniques but the entire program and teacher have brought my passion for creating and transforming normal things into beautiful gifts." - Connie

"A sense of accomplishment to complete the whole program . The feeling of mastering all the 30 techniques is awesome. Hope to work even harder to improve myself." - Yiran

"Exciting and fulfilling program." - Shuwen

"Great. Can put all I learnt into a big canvas with my own colours' choice, interpretation of the technique. Very fulfilling!" - Rolita

"Thanks to LoDaRe for introducing me to their certificate course which helps me to be registered as a Ministry of Education CCA/Enrichment Art Instructor within less than a year. I find the entire program very good. I learnt many techniques (special texture effects and decoupage tools) which are very applicable to any objects that I can make use of! - Linda

"Fun, learn many useful techniques( Certification course), not only for decoupage but mixed media as well. Definitely beneficial for people who love art and craft." - Lena

What Others Have to Say about Learning at LoDaRe

"LoDaRe comes across to me as a reputable school, offering a comprehensive professional range of application/technique, an ideal platform for people aspiring to be a serious crafter, like me. Learning here is enjoyable as it is set in a conducive and friendly environment."Kahlid, 14 May 2018


"I was impressed and excited to learn that LoDaRe teaches 30 to 50 different techniques! The art projects done are of high quality and interesting. These are testimony to your teachers’ creativity and skills in imparting the art of decoupage to your students.  The classes are fun, stimulating and relaxed. This is a place to pursue passion in art and craft." - Pui Fong, 14 May 2018


"I happened to know LoDaRe through Facebook. LoDaRe is an art studio with qualified and certified teachers that are an added advantages to allow me to learn from the right place." - Jacqueline, 14 May 2018


"The works at LoDaRe are very beautiful and many techniques were being taught here. Unlike other schools where the skills taught are limited only to a few techniques, I find that LoDaRe’s program is comprehensive and includes all the techniques which could be taught. The certification from To Do Art School adds to my trust and confidence in the school." – Tang, 11 May 2018


"Lodare is affiliated to Italy art school, that helps with the credibility to teach the craft. Also, it issues the international certificate so can save on going to Italy to be certified." – Jennifer, 11 May 2018


"LoDaRe is the only one in Singapore that can offer me the most authentic learning and the teachers are trained in Italy!" – Chia Hui, 11 May 2018


"Lodare provides a conducive environment for learning and the teachers are all very professional in their instructional skills." – Yim Fun Ho, 11 May 2018


"Very good!" - Janet, 11 April 2018 (Napkin + Rice paper class for decoration on book and bag)


"This is so lovely. My sons are going to like it!" - E.W, 21 March 2018 (Create and Design a Classy Lamp)


"The lights are so beautiful. Gosh! Thanks so much Szuen teacher." Glory, 21 March 2018 (Create and Design a Classy Lamp)


"Thank you Szuen. The lamp is so beautiful. When I switched it on for my child at night, she loves it." Dr. DS, 17 March 2018 (Parent-Child Art Bonding Workshop - Create and Design Lamp)


"I like the workshop because it was very interesting and fun. I am going to put in my new house room. I can also teach my friends." - Zechias, 5-year old, 17 March 2018 (Parent- Child Art Bonding Workship - Create and Design Lamp)


"Overall, all the techniques are interesting and fun! We can always customise our own personalised items." - Joanne, 8 March 2018

(Professional Italy Trainer's Course for Mixed Media and Paper Art)


"All the 7 different techniques were covered and are useful and not difficult to learn in these 2 days' course." - Deborah, 8 March 2018 (Professional Italy Trainer's Course for Mixed Media and Paper Art)


"Good method to understand and apply." - Joanne, 8 March 2018 (Wrapping)


"This technique is very useful for doing on bags. Will definitely use this technique to wrap bags as gifts." - Deborah, 8 March 2018 (Wrapping)


"Can personalise my own design. The method is easy to apply." - Joanne, 5 March 2018 (Fabric)


"This is not an easy technique. I need to practise blending more often to improve my skill." - Deborah, 5 March 2018 (Blending)


"Can use blending to close the empty area, it looks like two napkins blend as one." - Joanne, 5 March 2018 (Blending)


"The cracking effect gives the piece a different dimensions. Very interesting!" - Deborah, 5 March 2018 (Cracking effect)


"Impressive. Cracking on glass is nicer than wood which I previously did." - Joanne, 4 March 2018 (Cracking effect)


"With the knowledge of this technique, I can design T-shirts or shoes with the designs I like." - Deborah, 3 March 2018 (Fabric)


"This is a special technique where you can add on other designs of paper art napkins onto one napkin make it customised." - Joanne, 27 Feb 2018 (Blocking)


"This is a simple yet must know technique." - Joanne, 27 Feb 2018 (Tuck in for Handbags)


"The blocking technique used for the key box is very unique. It makes your artwork unique and personalised." - Deborah, 27 Feb 2018 (Blocking - Key Box)


"The wet and dry tuck-in technique enable the napkin to tuck in nicely into the sides of any handbag or wallet. Very useful technique." - Deborah, 27 Feb 2018 (Wet and Dry Tuck in)


"I had a lot of fun!" - 6-year-old Kaylee, 4 Feb 2018 (Parent-Child Bonding Workshop Special)


"The 30 techniques learnt are really very applicable and useful on any surfaces!" - Kannis, 27 Jan 2018 (International Italy Decoupage Mixed Media Trainer's Certificate with Distinction Program)


"Great! My 6-year old girl girl loves it and wish to make another new one at home!" Ria, 27 Jan 2018 (Parent-Child Bonding Workshop Special)


"The program of 30 techniques was really a very interesting one. I would need more practice to perfect the skills." Pang, 27 Jan 2018 (International Italy Decoupage Mixed Media Trainer's Certificate with Distinction Program)


"New technique! Teacher Szuen explained very clearly and was willing to share the secrets!" - Joanne Mah, 23 Jan 2018 (Crystal Italian varnish with decoupage)


"This is a raised cracking effect that looks stunning even from far view." Pang, 23 Jan 2018 (Earthquake effect)


"Very interesting. The techniques learnt are very useful!" - Deborah Yeo, 23 Jan 2018 (Crystal Italian varnish with decoupage)


"This is a spectacular effect that can be done on any surfaces." - Kannis, 8 Jan 2018 (Earthquake effect)


"This is a carpentry skill, very applicable for furniture." - K.N, 7 Jan 2018 (Wood Tanning)


"Opaca and stucco are two very useful texture paste for creating rock or marble like surfaces." - K.N, 6 Jan 2018 (Texture 1 and 2)


"Effective technique to create straight and special effect lines." K.Ng, 5 Jan 2018 (Stripe 1 and 2)


"Is wonderful to create know how to natural wood lines on any surface using this simple technique." - K.Ng, 4 Jan 2018 (wood graining)


"The wood lines are stunningly created even when the original surface does not have any." Pang, 4 Jan 2018 (Wood Graining)


"Is really wonderful to know that I can turn light wood into dark wood naturally." - AP, 4 Jan 2018 (Wood tanning)


"I was not aware that opaca and stucco can create rocks and marble lookalike surfaces." - Alicia, 3 Jan 2018 (Texture I and II)


"The Italy black wax invention is really good to create vintage mixed media pieces and antique." - Ms Ng, 3 Jan 2018 (Vintage cracking)


"The finished product is so beautiful and unique." - Alicia, 2 Jan 2018 (Antique cracking)


"The special brush enables me to create straight lines efficiently." - Pang, 2 Jan 2018 (Stripes)


"This technique has to be learnt and be shown the steps. It is hard to imagine how these effects can be done by oneself." - Ms Ng, 2 Jan 2018 (old lace effect for antique series)

"The lace effect really represent the country side look very well." - Pang, 30 Dec 2017 ( Old lace + Dry Brush)


"Gold glitter effect goes very well with Italy gold paper." AP, 30 Dec 2017 (Precious soft paper with gold glitter on burnt glass)


"Rice paper looks like a painting even when embedded behind the shower door." AP, 29 Dec 2017 (Silver glitter and rice paper on glass)


"I did not find this easy but the effect I got is stunning." AP, 28 Dec 2017 (Design and Decorate on Porcelein Plate)


"Simple and nice effect create vintage pieces." AP, 27 Dec 2017 (Distressing)


"This is not very easy but I gained knowledge in knowing how a mirror  can be handmade." Alicia, 26 Dec 2017 (Creating a mirror)


"Cracking effect is interesting on its own." - AP, 23 Dec 2017 (Cracking surfaces)


"This effect looks like glittering stars in the night." - K.N, 8 Dec 2017 (Gold glitter on glass)


"It is quite challenging to apply gold leaf on a mosaic glass plate but is a wonderful skill to learn." - 7 Dec 2017 (Gold leaf application)


"This skill can be used on shower door and looks like a painting. Is great!" - K.K, 6 Dec 2017 (silver glitter with rice paper on glass)


"The outcome is so unexpected. No one knew it is done using a porcelain plate." - Kannis, 5 Dec 2017 (soft paper and crystal varnish)


"A very convenient skill to create old looking surfaces." - Kannis, 4 Dec 2017 (Destressing)


"This is a really fun class to convert a glass into a mirror." - Kannis, 3 Dec 2017 (Mirror on glass)


"Stunning effect to turn a normal glass bottle into a lighted lamp." - Kannis, 2 Dec 2017(Cracking on glass surface)


"An astounding effect on cracking on wood." - Kannis, 1 Dec 2017 (Cracking on wood)


"The self created gold frame effect is very useful and cost saving." Alicia, 17 Nov 2017 (Framing)


"Different types of sponging to subsitute painting are being taught." AP, 15 Nov 2017 (Natural sponging)


"Blending requires more practice." - Alicia, 11 Nov 2017 (Blending with paper)


"An out of expectation class for creating a curtain effect." - AP, 10 Nov 2017 (create Curtain look)


"Rice paper application is interesting." - Alicia Pang, 9 Nov 2017 (Use of rice paper as decor)


"Crafting the clay shape is quite challenging." - Kannis, 13 Nov 2017 (3D effect)


"The effect of resin is very nice. Need to balance well and minimise the bubble effect." - Kannis, 12 Nov 2017 (Creating the glass effect)


"Need more practice to be skilful in creating the frame." - Kannis, 9 Nov 2017 (Creating Metallic gold frame)


"Pretty stunning effect." - Kannis, 9 Nov 2017 (Melted tin effect)


"Useful to learn sponging 1,2,3!" - Kannis, 9 Nov 2017 (Sponging effects with four types of sponges)


"This is really fun to see the mixture and the result." - Kannis, 6 Nov 2017 (Soft paper liquid painting)


"Simple with nice effect." - Kannis, 5 Nov 2017 (Creating folds effect)


"Requires art sense for blending of paint colours." - Kannis, 4 Nov 2017 (Bend with rice paper)


"Need to practise more on curtain drawing." - Kannis, 3 Nov 2017 (lace curtain effect)


"Easy to learn for rice paper application." - Kannis, 2 Nov 2017 (Rice paper design and decor)


"It's a very enjoyable and interesting course. Its stunning to see the finished products." - Christine, 9 Sep 2017 (Professional Italy Trainer's course)


"So excited to be able to learn this." - Christine Teo, 9 Sep 2017 (2 ways of blocking napkins)


"The (Professional Italy Trainer's certification course) is a good one!" - Michelle, 9 Sep 2017 (Professional Italy Trainer's course)


"The Italy effect varnish for special effect is very nice!" - MM, 9 Sep 2017 (Special crystallised Italy varnish effect)


"Challenging but interesting." - Christine Teo, 19 Aug 2017 (Create rock surface on tea box)


"Is a little challenging to do blending." - Christine, 19 Aug 2017 (basket bag design)


"This is a difficult project. Gripping the concept of not getting a mirror to wrapping is not easy to understand." Mic, 9 Sep 2017 (Wrapping)


"A very interesting class." - Michelle, 9 Sep 2017 (Plate cracking)


"I enjoyed glass decoupage!" - Christine, 19 Aug 2017 (Cracking)


"So happy that I could wear the T-shirt I have designed." - Christine Teo, 19 Aug 2017 (Fabric decoupage)


"A very interesting decoupage mixed media class." - Christine, 12 Aug 2017 (Tuck in)


"Not difficult to do on T-shirt." - Michelle, 12 Aug 2017 (Decorate on fabric)


"The rock like effect is easy to create and the outcome is very nice." - Michelle, 12 Aug 2017 (Rock like tea/candy box)


"Very fun!" - Christine, 12 Aug 2017 (Italy crystallised special effect)


"Szuen is precise about the tuck-in technique and she explained well." - MM, 12 Aug 2017 (Tuck into Handbag/wallet)


"Intensive, informative and enlightening workshop." - Michelle, 10 Aug 2017 (Design and Decorate on pencil case)


"Interesting and learnt how to design vertical lines on bag." - Janice, 13 July 2017 (Design and Decorate on bag (II))


"Interesting and lots of room to experiment with Italy Fleur paint colours." - Janice, 13 July 2017 (Design n Decorate on basket bag)


"Learnt many techniques following step by step instructions by patient teacher Szuen." - Janice, 13 July 2017 (Glass plate)


"Learnt many steps and the finer points of preserving the paper design on fabric." - Janice, 13 July 2017 (T-shirt design)


"Interesting to try out the 2 methods of blocking (to create layers of napkins on top of each other." - Janice, 13 July 2017 (Blocking)


"Effective use of right tools for tuck in skill." - Chin, 13 July 2017 (Tuck in to Wallet)


"Easy to follow instructions!" - Janice, 13 July 2017 (Basics of European Art Napkin - Professional Italy Trainer's Certification Course)


"Fun and enjoyable, nice end product." - Sophia, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Interesting and easy." - Hazel, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"A useful skill to learn!" - Suresh, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Very interesting and is unusual!" - Eleanor, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Good learning experience." - Mike, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Interesting!" - Celeste, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Very interesting, product is beautiful with simple materials!" - Xuan, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Fun and enjoyable workshop!" - John, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Excellent workshop!" - Edward, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Pretty good!" - Ms Chew, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"Interesting and fun!" - Serena Teo, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding Workshop)


"It is a very interesting workshop!" - Vivian Tang, 13 July 2017 (ECDA Corporate Team Bonding - Decorating Night Lamp)


"Quite enjoyable but short and more hands-on would be good. Trimming the  edge." - YM Ang, 17 June 2017


"Workshop was interesting and the key chain is beautiful and unique!" - Tan Qi Min, 5 June 2017 (Swiss art design on jewellery)


"Beautiful and good for present." - Lee YQ, 5 June 2017 (Gold design on key chain)


"Interesting workshop." - Yilin, 29 April 2017 (Decoupage jewellery)


"Fun!" - Yanlin, 29 April 2017 (Decoupage jewellery)


"Excellent!" J. Chin, 17 April 2017 (Italy 3D flowers - Sospeso Trasparente)


"Very good! - Linda Loke, 17 April 2017 (Italy 3D flowers - Sospeso Trasparente)


"Trainer is detailed in her explanation. Patient and friendly." - Melinda, 17 April 2017 (Italy 3D flowers -Sospeso Trasparente)


"Good workshop!" - Bonnie, 17 April 2017 (Italy 3D flowers -Sospeso Trasparente)


"Very good. Teacher is very knowledgeable."- Kl Wong,17 April 2017 (Italy 3D flowers -Sospeso Trasparente)


"Good!" - Bonnie, 14 March 2017 (Soft curtain)


"The colour mixing is beautiful." - Bonnie, 14 March 2017 (Liquid painting for aurora effect)


"Quite interesting." - Bonnie, 14 March 2017 (creating folded paints)


"Thanks for introducing me to your art. I really enjoyed every  moment of it.

I have not felt so satisfied and joyful for a long  in doing a piece of work!" - Melinda, 23 March 2017 (Italy Decoupage Professional Trainer's Certificate)


"Interesting technique!" - HH. Chua, 3 March 2017 (Designing a ring)


"Very interesting. Never did ornamental design before." - Png Hui En, 4 March 2017 (Design & Decorate Heart shaped key chain with GOLD - Swiss art)


"Interesting and fun." - Peggy Tan, 1 March 2017 (Design & Decorate Heart shaped key chain with GOLD - Swiss art)


"I find the workshop." - Isonel Heng, 25 Feb 2017 (Design and decorate of Swiss pendant)


"Thanks. That was REAL FUN for the KIDS! It is a sweet gift for them to give their friends too and made a nice handicraft as Christmas gift and Children Day's gift!"- Christine, 19 Feb 2017 (Design and Decorating Key Chain, pendants and small rings @ Children's Party)


"Very interesting!" - Vivian, 18 Feb 2017 (Swiss Art - glass)


"Enlightening!" - Jonathan Chen, 18 Feb 2017 (Swiss Art - glass)


"Nice. Artistic. Great effect with glass." - J Lim, 18 Feb 2017 (Swiss Art - glass)


"Interesting and new knowledge gained!" - Lim JL, 18th Feb 2017 (Swiss Art - glass)


"Interesting lesson." - JY Tan, 18 Feb 2017 (Swiss Art - glass)


"Educational, new skills and technique sparked interest to pick up new art projects." - Peggy Leong, 11 Feb 2017 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Very fun to DIY. Better if allow trying and exploring a couple of time." - Anzhi, 4 Feb 2017 (Jewellery Design and Decor)


"Enjoyable!" - Hiro Asai, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"It was fun and interesting for my father and I. We learnt something new today. Hope there is more of this kind of hands-on workshops for both parents and children as well." - Ynezloh, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"Interesting and fun." - Tim Poh, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"Interesting, great for bonding." - Zhuang Yi, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"It was quite fun." - Audrey Cheah, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"It was great to have the DIY workshop with my kid." - Adrian Lee, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"Awesome. I had a great time doing art with my daughter." - Ping Leong, 21 Jan 2017 (Design n Decor on Tool Box @ Nan Chiau High)


"Interesting technique." - Karen, 21 Jan 2017 (Gold glitter cracking on glass)


"Simple technique but achieve great result." - Karen, 21 Jan 2017 (Soft curtain) 


"Amazing and stunning effect." - Amy, 21 Jan 2017 (Soft curtain)


"Love it!" - Amy, 18 Jan 2017 (Silver glitter on glass)


"Interesting technique!" - Amy, 18 Jan 2017 (Earthquake effect)


"It is fun to turn a normal stool to a beautiful wood tanned stool." - KY, 7 Nov 2016 (wood tanning)


"Fantastic result achieved. I love the sponging effects with silver glitter." - Karen, 7 Jan 2017 (glitter sponging)


"I love the uneven surface using the rough texture." - Karen, 7 Jan 2017 (rough texture)


"Creating a 3d image with this is interesting!" - Karen, 7 Jan 2017 (soft texture)


"Interesting to do, change the look!" - Amy, 7 Jan 2017 (Wood graining)


"It is a difficult lesson and hand must be firm and the strength used just right!" - Karen, 7 Jan 2017 (Stripe)


"Very interesting. I love the effect!" - Amy, 7 Jan 2017 (Lace vintage)


"Fun and easy technique." - Amy, 7 Jan 2017 (soft texture class)


"A little tricky to handle!" - Amy, 7 Jan 2017 (Hard texture + napkin class)


"Love this technique, makes simple glassware look expensive." - Amy, 4 Jan 2017 (Gold glitter and cracking)

"I love the finishing effects. Will use it for another project." - Karen, 17 Dec 2016 (Wood Graining on clock)


"Creative!" - Esther, 12 Dec 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"I learnt that I need to really clean the glass very well before I applied the liquid mirror." - Karen, 8 Dec 2016 (Liquid mirror on vase)


"Szuen gives a good demonstration on how to get the best result." - Karen, 8 Dec 2016 (Liquid mirror on plate)


"Interesting technique." - Ky, 13 Dec 2016 (liquid mirror vase)


"I love the result. It is beautiful." - Karen, 13 Dec 2016 (lace + dry brush on rose tray)


"Another way of cracking." - Ky, 13 Dec 2016 (Antique cracking for vintage effects)


"Enjoyed learning different ways of cracking." - Karen, 13 Dec 2016 (earthquake effect)


"Another new and novel technique!" KY, 13 Dec 2016 (Liquid mirror on plate)


"I enjoyed this technique a lot as I like antique look!" - KY, 8 Dec 2016 (Destressing)


"I can use this technique to decorate any item after learning." - KY, 8 Dec 2016 (Cracking on glass vase)


"I learn how to do cracking on a certain area instead of entire surface. Great result achieved." - Karen, 8 Dec 2016 (Cracking on wood)


"Love to do cracking and learn different types of cracking." - Karen, 7 Dec 2016 (Cracking on wood)


"Learn the different sponge techniques that are useful and will apply it on other project." - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (Round sea sponge)


"Great technique and able to save  money on the framing of the canvas." - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (Gold paste Mona Lisa)


"Love the vein design. Will make use of the silver paste and try on other surface." - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (Silver paste on tin)


"Interesting technique!" - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (liquid gel)


"Interesting. Learning to sponge with 2 colours at the same time." - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (Sea sponging)


"Great technique to master." - KY, 6 Dec 2016 (Black sponging)


"Fun and interesting technique to me as it is my first time using resin." - Karen, 6 Dec 2016 (Resin)


"Interesting class to design and decorate a heart pendant with gold." - Kristina, 3 Dec 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Interesting!" - Chang, 3 Dec 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Very manageable and fun!" - Loraine Ong, 1 Dec 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Short but interesting!" - Laverne, 1 Dec 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Learnt a new way of using glaze on a wood surface." - Karen, 29 Nov 2016 (Gladwrap effect)


"I learnt to do rice paper and painting work, thus I can do it on any surface such as chair, wall and the glass.." - Karen, 29 Nov 2016 (rice paper and painting)


"It was very good. It gave me a deeper understanding how things can be decorated." - Olivia, 29 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"It was very interesting and engaging." - Alex, 25 Nov 2016, (Jewellery decoupage)


"A little challenging with the glaze proportion with colour." - Amy, 24 Nov 2016 (Stripes)


"Very good. Interesting." - Irene, 23 Nov 2016 (Blending decoupage on bag)


"Excellent!" - Irene, 23 Nov 2016 (Fabric decoupage)


"Very good!" - Irene, 23 Nov 2016 (Blocking on Tray)


"Fun and interesting." - Amy, 12 Nov 2016 (Porcelain plate decoupage)


"Amazing technique on glass." - Amy, 12 Nov 2016 (Liquid mirror on plate)


"Am in love with this technique." - Amy, 12 Nov 2016 (Gold leaf on crystal plate)


"Fun and enjoyable!" - Charlyn (12 years old), 10 Nov 2016 (Wrapping - Deluxe Italy Napkin Decoupage Course for kids )


"Interesting class!" - Charlyn (12 years old), 10 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Good, interesting and creative." - Derek (10 years old), 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Great!" - Don (9 year old), 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"I find it very fun and interesting." - Angie Lau (9 years old), 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"I found it very interesting." - Xuet Yae (7 years old), 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Very fun and meaningful." - Shi Kai, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Very cute class!" - May Tan, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Interesting." - Elaine Tan, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Very Special. Very nice. I like it very much!" Sally Teo, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Special and nice work!" - Dephy Choo, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Enjoying. Something new to learn." - Ai Ting, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"Great and simple." - Eng Hoe, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Decoupage)


"I found the workshop fun." - Angela Tay, 6 Nov 2016 (Jewellery decoupage)


"Tricky to do but wonderful result." - Amy, 5 Nov 2016 (Liquid mirror on vase)


"Lots of work in the staining but can modernise any wood using interesting colour." - Amy, 5 Nov 2016 (Wood tanning on furniture)


"Clear teaching and coaching by teacher Szuen." Nandai, 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Very interesting and artistic." - Pulsy K.V., 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Very good!" - Yutin, 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"GOOD class!" - Kitiya Soisep, 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Good teacher(Szuen Wong)." - Pornsri Jan.K, 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Had good fun. Enjoyed myself. Teacher was clear in instructions." - Rasamee, 5 Nov 2016 (Wine bottle cracking)


"Interesting and easy to learn!" - Yan, 5 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Gold Decoupage)


"Great!" - Susanna, 5 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Gold decoupage)


"Nice and FUN!" - Jia Xin (8-year old), 5 Nov 2016 (Jewellery Gold decoupage)


"Taking up this class makes me really Happy! I also gained new knowledge and skill. Thank you teacher." - June F., 3 Nov 2016 (Swiss Jewellery Design and Decor Decoupage)


"Enjoyable!" - Charlene, 27 Oct 2016, (Design and decorate on T-shirt)


"Interesting!" - Charlene, 27 Oct 2016, (creating multiple layers of napkin)


"Nice effect." - Amy, 22 Oct 2016 (Cracking on wood)


"A little tricky need lots of patience."  Amy, 22 Oct 2016 (Cracking on vase)


"Thank you Szuen very much for teaching me the basis of napkin decoupage. You are a warm, friendly teacher who teaches well. I enjoy every moment in class." - Eliz, 20 Oct 2016 (Professional Certificate in Italy Decoupage)


"Love this effect." - Amy, 20 Oct 2016 (Gold paste)


"Interesting effect. Like plastic." - Amy, 20 Oct 2016 (Glazing resin)


"It's a beautiful technique." - Eliz, 18 Oct 2016 (Blending of basket bag)


"Difficult at first. After I got used to it, it was easier." - Charlene, 18 Oct 2016 (Tuck in effect)


"Interesting effect." - Amy, 15 Oct 2016 (antique crackle)


"Easy and fun." - Amy, 15 Oct 2016 (Black sponging)


"Simple yet wonderful technique." - Amy, 15 Oct 2016 (Soft sponging)


"Makes painting effortless." - Amy, 15 Oct 2016 (Sea sponging)


"Fun, interesting and relaxing!" Charlyn (12- year-old), 13 Oct 2016 (Italy Napkin decoupage Certificate for Kids)


"Couple of challenges steps to work on. The glass plate turned out beautiful." - Eli, 11 Oct 2016 (Plate decoupage and painting)


"An easy and interesting way to decoupage your very own T-shirt designs." - Eli, 11 Oct 2016 (Fabric decoupage)


"Fun using clay." - Amy, 8 Oct 2016 (3D pop up)  


"LIKED this effect." - Amy, 8 Oct 2016 (Snowflake effect)


"Interesting technique." - Amy, 8 Oct 2016 (Sea sponge class)


"Useful!" - Amy, 8 Oct 2016 (Black sponging)


"Enjoyable. Easy and effect is nice!" - Yen, 1 Oct 2016 (Napkin decoupage)


"Interesting and sufficient coaching from teacher." - So San, 1 Oct 2016 (Rice Paper decoupage on canvas bag)


"A new technique and its an artistic method." - El, 27 Sep 2016 (Blocking)


"Wrapping technique makes a new or old basket to have a more beautiful colourful new look! Nice!" - El, 28 Sep 2016 (Wrapping on basket - Professional Italy Decoupage certificate)


"Learnt a couple of interesting techniques, tuck-in, pasta transparente, glitter application. Beautiful result!" - EL, 22 Sep 2016 (tuck in wallet)


"I find it easy and fun." - Janelle Wee, 9-year-old, 24 Sep 2016 (Napkin on sling bag)


"Easier than napkin technique. Rice paper has beautiful texture and print." - Elizabeth Pang, 20 Sep 2016 (Rice paper trial class)


"Create way to enhance any plain surface and is fun!" Amy, 17 Sep 2016 (Liquid medium on tray)


"Fun and interesting technique to create texture." Amy, 17 Sep 2016 (Gladwrap)


"Informative and challenging." Elizabeth, 8 Sep 2016 (napkin on bag)


"Learnt a new technique, very fun and interesting." Amy, 3 Sep 2016 (Liquid painting on tray with soft paper)


"Looks like painting but actually is rice paper!" Amy, 3 Sep 2016 (rice paper painting)


"Rice paper can work well on rattan surface. Love the end product." Amy, 3 Sep 2016 (Rice paper decoupage on rattan)


"I finally got to learn the technique after a long time. I like it and will practise at home." Rachel, 26 Aug 2016 (Napkin decoupage trial)


"It was so fun using glues and varnish. It would be fun if I can put my signature or initial by brush at the corners." Julie, 26 Aug 2016(Rice paper decoupage trial)


"I love the rice paper technique and enjoyed doing it. Very interesting." Rachel Tan, 26 Aug 2016 (Rice paper decoupage trial)


"It is my delight to find various and pretty prints to choose from." Julie, 26 Aug 2016 (Napkin decoupage trial)


"Another different kind of decoupage, a reversal method. Most interesting part is the cracking process." Grace, 25 Aug 2016


"A little difficult." PL, 25 Aug 2016 (Napkin decoupage trial)


"Another surprising technique. End result was impressive!" Nancy, 23 Aug 2016 (Melted tin effect - Intermediate level 1 of Certificate of Italy Decoupage in Distinction)


"Interesting technique to learn. It produces a beautiful end result." - Nancy, 23 Aug 2016 (Resin on heart-shaped box)


"Was really surprised that the gold paste was used to make a gold frame. Awesome." - Nancy, 23 Aug 2016 (gold paste frame)


"Cute technique." - Nancy, 23 Aug 2016 (3D pop up)


"Easy techniques and totally different kind from other decoupages." Grace, 23 Aug 2016 ( T-shirt Fabric Decoupage)


"Very interesting and learnt new techniques!" Amy, 20 Aug 2016 (Professional Certificate of Italy Napkin Decoupage)


"A great sense of fulfillment whenever I completed a project. Thank you." LX, 20 Aug 2016 (Professional Certificate of Italy Napkin Decoupage)


"Fun technique. Just let your creativity flow." - Nancy, 16 Aug 2016 (Gel plate)


"Learnt a new technique!"  Grace, 16 Aug 2016 (Creating layers of paper art napkins)


"Very interesting!" Yee Yun, 13 Aug 2016 (Trial class for rice paper)


"Technique requires patience." - Nancy, 11 Aug 2016 (Painting and rice paper decoupage)


"Interesting technique but a little difficult to do it on tin." - Nancy, 11 Aug 2016 (Gladwrap)


"Fun technique to learn. Would love to do this more." - Nancy, 16 Aug 2016 (Liquid painting)


"Completed my napkin workshop. The techniques learnt were great. Some were easy, others difficult. The beauty of it is that one can combine different techniques together to create a unique art piece." - Nancy, 4 Aug 2016 (Professional Certificate of Italy Decoupage)


"Great!" - LX, 13 Aug 2016 (Wrapping)


"Very interesting. Never knew that we can make such nice and useful items with paper art napkins." - YY, 13 Aug 2016 (paper art napkin trial class)


"Satisfied!" - LX, 13 Aug 2016 (Blending technique)


"Very interesting and new." - Amy, 13 Aug 2016 (plate cracking)


"Learnt something new. Pattern matching." - Amy, 13 Aug 2016 (Wrapping technique)


"A bit tricky when I did not use enough glue." - Winny, 13 Aug 2016 (Paper Art Napkin Trial class)


"Much more interesting than napkins." - Winny, 13 Aug 2016 (Rice paper trial class)


"Easy workshop." Gillian Wee, 12 Aug 2016 (Trial Paper Art Napkin decoupage workshop)


"Sense of fulfillment once I completed the project." LX, 6 Aug 2016 (Cracking on glass)


"Excellent. The bag turned out to very classic and elegant. The one and only." - GT, 11 Aug 2016 (Rice paper on bag)


"Easy!" - Grace, 11 Aug 2016 (Tuck in technique)


"I really enjoyed the classes, learning more than 30 decoupage techniques! Thanks to the trainer who gave good demonstrations on how each project to be completed with proper tools and mediums. I would love to learn more of other techniques!" - Jessie Cheng, 7 Aug 2016 (International Certificate of Italy Decoupage with Distinction) 


"Love the transformation from a bag with no character to wow!" - Amy, 6 Aug 2016 (basket bag decoupage and painting)


"A sense of fulfillment from finishing a project." - LX, 6 Aug 2016, (T-shirt design and decoration)


"Rice paper is so different from napkin! I am glad I signed up for this workshop. Having fun creating pieces of artwork." - Nancy, 4 Aug 2016 (1st/30 classes - International Certificate of Italy Decoupage of Distinction)


"Some of the sessions are very interesting and require timing and understanding. Tactic taught are very useful for future." - Vivien, 21 July 2016 (Professional Italy Decoupage Certificate)


"Good and relaxed pace." - VC, 21 Jul 2016 (Wrapping on basket)


"Enjoyable. Good spacing and allocation of time to work on the bag." - Vivien, 21 July 2016 (blending of basket bag)


"Enjoyable class!" - LX, 30 July 2016 (Napkin on cross)


"Interesting technique." - LX, 30 July 2016 (Blocking on Tray)


"Fun class!" - LX, 30 July 2016 (Wallet Tuck in)


"Very fun and interesting." - Amy, 30 July 2016 (Fabric decoupage)


"One of the most difficult technique I have learnt. It takes a lot of patience and planning." Nancy, 28 July 2016


"Very straight forward, easy and fun. Really enjoy." - Grace, 28 July 2016 (Trial napkin decoupage)


"Another technique learnt! Always look forward to classes!" - Nancy, 26 July 2016 (Blending on basket)


"Interesting. A simple technique but the end result is amazing." - Nancy, 26 July 2016 (Special effect veins' look)


"One of the difficult technique but the teacher made it so simple.!" - Nancy, 26 July 2016 (Cracking on glass)


"Easy to learn!" - Alvin, 24 July 2016 (Italy rice paper trial class)


"An interesting and fun class!" - LN, 24 July 2016 (Italy rice paper trial class)


"New, novel, interesting and creative. I really enjoyed it, not too difficult to understand. Instructors were good." - Aaron, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Lots of fun!" - Amos, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Good class!" - Jerome Loo, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Easy and fun." Ruien , 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Fun and I would like a 2nd session." - Fion, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Fun and enjoyable!" - John, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"The workshop was good and exciting." Alan, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Very good workshop!" Simon, 23 July 2016 (Cracking on wine bottle & decoupage - PFS event)


"Need practice to create nice effect on the wood." - Jessie, 16 July 2016 (wood graining)


"The uneven texture and paint create a rocky and shadow effct." - JC, 16 July 2016 (Texture for napkin - shadow texture)


"Many steps to remember." - Vivien, 14 July 2016 (Plate cracking)


"Great! Learnt a new technique today." - Amy, 16 July 2016 (Tuck-in technique - Professional Italy Decoupage Certificate)


"Very interesting." - Amy, 16 July 2016 (Blocking + Italy rice paper + paper art napkin on wooden tray)


"Awesome. Happy with my finished T-shirt. Now I can design my own shirt - one of a kind." - Nancy, 14 July 2016 (Fabric decoupage)


"Good. Learn at relaxed speed." - Vivien, 12 July 2016 (Design and Decoration on T-shirt)


"It is challenging to create rows of straight lines." - Jessie, 9 July 2016 (Stripes)


"The glaze dried quite fast." - JC, 9 July 2016 (wood tanning)


"Good!" - Vivien, 8 July 2016 (Wallet decoration and tuck in)


"Interesting. Learnt a new technique today. Hurray!" - Nancy, 7 July 2016 (Blocking on wood on Italy Napkin decoupage certificate)


"Very fun!" - Nancy, 7 July 2016 (Wallet decoupage on Italy Napkin decoupage certificate)


"Easier than I expected. Ended with a beautiful bag, well decorated." - Shirley, 7 July 2016 (Napkin trial class)


"Enjoyable workshop!" - June, 5 July 2016 (one time trial workshop)


"Easy!" - CP Hoo, 5 July 2016 (one-time trial workshop)


"Cannot tell that the french lace is "decoupaged" nicely on the plate without learning this technique." - Jessie, 2 July 2016 (Lace antique)


"The black wax made the cracking effect more obvious." - JC, 2 July 2016 (Antique effect)


"Is challenging to decoupage the paper in a straight line pattern and patch work needs to be done." JC, 25 June 2016 (Wrapping on basket)


"Need to add a little water while blending to ensure all holes are well covered with Italy paint." - JC, 25 June 2016 (Blending on basket)


"Learnt to create a golden effect on the glass (checker transparent) plate." - Jessie, 11 June 2016 (gold effect on plate)


"With the aid of stencil, it can create a beautiful border on the porcelein plate." - JC, 11 June 2016 (rice paper decoupage on porcelain plate with lace)


"It was really fun and I enjoyed it." - Numa (11-year old), 22 June 2016 (glitter rice paper decoupage trial course)


"I find it very interesting because it is something new and I did not know we can make beautiful decorations with (rice) papers." - Tirzah, 22 June 2016 (glitter rice paper decoupage trial course)


"Very interesting (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)!" - B., 17 June 2016 (Corporate team bonding workshop)


"Great workshop (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)!" - Melinda Chuah, 17 June 2016 (Corporate team bonding workshop)


"Interesting and fun (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)!" - Jeslyn, 17 June 2016 (Corporate team bonding workshop)


"Fun (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)!" - Molly, 17 June 2016 (Corporate team bonding workshop)


"Very Interesting workshop (Glitter napkin decoupage workshop on bag)." - AC., 17 June 2016 (corporate team bonding workshop)


"This is a good place to learn different kinds of decoupage technique, teacher has a wealth of ideas, lots of creative ideas (International Italy Decoupage Certificate of Distinction)" - Merinda, 29 May 2016


"(Tip) To create a clear mirror, the vase must be clean before pouring the liquid." - JC, 14 May 2016


"Using a sponge can help to ensure that the plate is fully covered with the liquid mirror (Create a mirror on plate)." - JC, 14 May 2016


"Very interesting rice paper decoupage." - Masz, 13 May 2016


"It is difficult to glue paper on the cracking surface as cracking paint can come off easily (cracking on wood with soft paper)." - Jessie, 7 May 2016


"Sponge can be used to create the cracking effect. (cracking on vase)." - Jessie, 7 May 2016


"Sea sponge can create different colour tone on glass plate." - JC, 7 May 2016


I love this! (Blending on basket)." - ML, 5 May 2016


"Interesting, I will try this again. (Rough texture paste)." - Merinda, 5 May 2016


"I love this too. (silver paste Last Supper)." - Merinda, 5 May 2016


"Personally, I did not think it would be nice but I was wrong. (Vintage plate soft texture stenciling)." - Merinda, 3 May 2016


"Another cracking class. I think I had 5 types. Interesting to have this knowledge." - Merinda, 3 May 2016


"Is difficult to handle the gold leaf but the effect on the glass is beautiful." - Jessie, 23 April 2016


"It is challenging to produce the pop up effect when the picture is small." - JC, 23 April 2016


"Background of the foreground is blocked so that the decoupage picture is more distinctive. (Blocking of napkin)." - JC, 23 April 2016


"The speed of the application will produce different effect and it is challenging to maintain constant speed. (Gold paste)." - Jessie Cheng, 16 April 2016


"To ensure that the resin solidify well, it is important to mix the two mixture well. (Resin on tray)." - Jessie, 16 April 2016


"Very informative and interesting. (trial class napkin decoupage on wood)." - Hani, 19 April 2016


"Sea sponge is an effective sponge for painting and to blend in different colours. It is amazing that the paints can be easily washed away after using." - Jessie, 16 April 2016


"Using the right tool to tuck in the edge of the decoupage tissue make the finished work neater and the wallet looks like a purchased piece. (wallet decoupage)." - JC, 16 April 2016


"The silver paste is not quick to dry which allow you to create a cracking surface or whatever desired effect you wish to have." - Jessie, 16 April 2016


"Learnt how to produce a snowing effect using round sponge." - JC, 16 April 2016


"Using the black sponge can produce a snowing effect but the "snows" are more obvious." - Jessie Cheng, 16 April 2016


"Fun! Enjoyed beautifully a plain bag, with somewhat easy technique." - Vivian Tay, 14 April 2016


"Enjoyable and releases stress." - Vivien Tay, 14 April 2016


"Mixing the correct percent of glue and placing the design is important. Ways to remedy whenever. (rice paper on PU)." - Alice, 2 April 2016


"Is fun painting the box. (Gladwrap fold paint effect)." - Jessie, 2 April 2016


"Enjoyed learning the techniques. (paper art napkin on bag)." - Alice, 2 April 2016


"Every gel plate effect is different so you will have lots of surprises.( MIneral oil plate press with decoupage)." - Jessie, 2 April 2016


"Therapeutic and calming. (Paper art napkin and cracking)." - Christabel Ong, 2 April 2016


"Interesting and informative. (Paper art napkin decoupage and cracking)." - Isabel Ong, 2 April 2016


"This needs lots of practice for wood graining." - Merinda, 17 March 2016


"Is a must know technique - blending on canvas and colour choices to match the decoupage paper is important." - JC, 26 March 2016


"Is a good technique I learnt to have a beautiful plastic tray. (gel painting with decoupage)." - JC, 26 March 2016


"To have a good napkin decoupage, need to ensure there is sufficient layer of well spread glue on the medium. (beginner's level)." - Jessie, 19 March 2016


"I like this class but is time consuming. (Wrapping effect on bag - 25th session on Italy Certfication course)." - Merinda, 17 March 2016


"Very interesting outcome. (glitter with sea sponge)." - Merinda, 15 March 2016


"I use old wine box for this class and will use the decoupaged artwork as a jewellery box. Pleased with the outcome. Glad to use the black wax." - Merinda, 15 March 2016


"Completely new to me. (French lace on rose MDF tray made in Italy)." - Merinda, 10 March 2016


"Nice outcome. Silver metallic paint will run on glass best to give a layer of varnish before the paint applied (cracking on glass)." - Merinda, 10 March 2016


"Learn how to glue the rice paper onto uneven surface(2nd lesson on Italy Trainer Decoupage Certificate program)." - Jessie, 12 March 2016


"Personally think this is the most challenging lesson. (3 layer pop up surfaces)." - Merinda, 8 March 2016


"I learnt a lot, not only techniques but the entire program and teacher have brought my passion for creating and transforming normal things into beautiful gifts. (Italy decoupage trainer's certificate with distinction)." - Connie, 5 March 2016


"Using Italy paint colours can create beautiful snow flakes and cobwebs effect. Is cheaper without the special liquid medium." - Connie, 5 March 2016


"Is a delicate technique as the picture has thin stripe. Effect is very nice. (3D pop up)." - Connie, 5 March 2016


"Fun, enjoyable and therapeutic." - Jamilah, 5 March 2016


"Good, really enjoy the class." - Jessie Cheng, 5 March 2016


"Interesting background created with stencil and lace with mineral oil plate."


"Beautiful aurora effect - colour blending like northern lights." - Mei Lan, 4 March 2016


"I enjoyed this lesson and learnt a new skill of adding gold glitter to the cracks." - Merinda, 1 March 2016


"Exciting and fulfilling program. (Italy Trainer's Decoupage Certificate with distinction program)." - Shuwen, 28 Feb 2016


"I simply love this gold leaf lesson and would love to do more on my own." - Merinda, 25 Feb 2016


"Good to learn this art.( napkin decoupage on bag)." - Pearl, 19 Feb 2016


"Fulfilling when picture is completed. Find difficulty in blending smaller areas and edges." - ML, 19 Feb 2016


"I enjoyed the program very much. Thanks for teacher's guidance and teaching. (Italy Trainer's Decoupage Certificate with distinction)." - JAY, 17 Feb 2016


"Did not expect the project to be as good as what I expected. (wood graining)." - JAY, 17 Feb 2016


"Simple yet interesting. (Gold with cracking on plate)." - JAY, 16 Feb 2016


"I like the picture of the tiger on the plate. The effects of using the round sponge turned out to be very good." - JAY, 16 Feb 2016


"Interesting!(Sponging with gold powder on glass)." - JAY, 16 Feb 2016


"Did not know that the technique is so simple. The bag looks nice." - JAY, 16 Feb 2016


"Nice piece of artwork. I enjoyed it very much. (Gold leaf)." - JAY, 16 Feb 2016


"Like the mirror effect on glass." - JAY, 15 Feb 2016


"I like the effect of the paper art napkin applied on a pencil case. It makes it simple and nice." - JAY, 15 Feb 2016


"Simple yet interesting. Another technique of decoupage artwork.(Distressing)" - JAY, 15 Feb 2016


"Another interesting artwork. Enjoy doing it.(Creating gold folds at edge)" - JAY, 15 Feb 2016


"Simple technique. (layering napkin)." - JAY. 14 Feb 2016


"The artwork looks nice after completion. (3D pop up)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"I like this artwork immensely. Simple and interesting. (glass effect on wood)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"New technique gives another kind of look on glass. (creating mirror on plate)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"Very interesting technique.(South Africa's artwork on wood)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"I enjoy and like the earthquake effect.(Cracked texture)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"Very interesting.(Tan the wood)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"Finally know how to print lace onto the medium. (old French lace)." - JAY, 14 Feb 2016


"Interesting that I can create stripe on a project." - JAY, 13 Feb 2016


"I have learnt the technique of applying napkin on an uneven surface and tucking in to corners. (Wallet decoupage)." - JAY, 13 Feb 2016


"Very interesting. I like the aurora effects. (Liquid painting on tray)." - JAY, 13 Feb 2016


"Interesting. Learnt to use very beautiful designs and ideas to form a picture for bag. Enjoyed session. Personal attention by teacher to improve and touch up." - Mei Lan, 12 Feb 2016


"Interesting. Enjoyed session. Movtivated to do decoupage for gifts." - KML, 12 Feb 2016


"Fun. (Napkin decoupage on bag)." - Gloria, 12 Feb 2016


"I like the effects of sponging on the canvas.(painting using sponge on canvas board)." JAY, 12 Feb 2016


"I learnt to create the snowy effect. I like it very much. (Sponge II on box)." - JAY, 11 Feb 2016


"Very interesting. (Decoupaging on luggage bag)." - JAY, 11 Feb 2016


"Did not expect that painting and decoupage can be blended together. (rice paper and painting)." - JAY, 10 Feb 2016


"Learnt the skill of applying paper on round surface." - JAY, 10 Feb 2016


"I like the technique of sponging. (Decoupaging technique)." JAY 10 Feb 2016


"I like the antique look on my projects. Simple yet interesting. (Antique effect)." - JAY, 10 Feb 2016


"Simple and nice (Wrapping technique -)." - JAY, 10 Feb 2016


"I like the patterns created using the stencil and they added flavour to the bin esp perhaps the canvas board." - Connie, 17 Jan 2016


"I will definitely want to try again. Will love to see the vase." - Merinda, 14 Jan 2016


"Another interesting lesson on liquid mirror on plate." - Merinda, 14 Jan 2016


"Interesting as I have tried to decoupage bottle but was not happy. This has opened up my eyes to see what else can be done( cracking on glass bottle)." - Merinda, 12 Jan 2016


"I am very pleased with the outcome of the effect (cracking with Italy rice paper on textured tray)." - Merinda 12 Jan 2016


"Awesome (paper art napkin workshop)." - Karen Tan, 12 Jan 2016


"Got a great sense of accomplishment. Was also very interesting. I like this paper art napkin workshop on bag a lot!" - Rebecca, 12 Jan 2016


"Learnt a new art. Easy (Rice paper workshop)." - Agnes Wong, 10 Jan 2016


"I have never ceased to be amazed how a single decoupage technique can create very pretty artwork (Gold leaf workshop)." - Connie, 10 Jan 2016


"Very interesting, simple technique with very nice effect (paper art napkin)!" - Aki, 8 Jan 2016


"Was fun and informative decoupage workshop!" - Jia Tian (Laselle), 8 Jan 2016


"Very interesting decoupage workshop!" - Dorothy Chua, 8 Jan 2016


"Great, good learning!" - June, 8 Jan 2016


"Very interesting decoupage workshop." - Liu Xian, 8 Jan 2016

"Good paper art napkin workshop!" - Francis, 8 Jan 2016


"Good! Come to schools (paper art napkin on glass)!" - Amelia (SOTA),  8 Jan 2016


"Very fun. Interesting! (paper art napkin workshop)." - Yuxian, 8 Jan 2016


"Interesting. I liked it. (paper art napkin beginner workshop)." - Vrinda, 8 Jan 2016


"Interesting and insightful. (beginner paper art napkin on glass)." - Kim, 8 Jan 2016


"Very fun and interactive. Can open up to interest classes." - Li Jieran, 8 Jan 2016


"It was fun and instructions are easy to understand." - Jane, 8 Jan 2016


"I am satisfied with the workshop, its pretty easy to follow." - Vee Lim, 8 Jan 2016


"I had more fun than I had expected. It was great (paper art napkin decoupage on glass)." - Alicia Tan, 8 Jan 2016


"It is quite some work but the effort is worth when the basket bag is done. The blending has to be skilfully done through." - Connie, 3 Jan 2016


"It is surprisingly easy to create a vintage look with striking colours and rice paper." - Connie, 3 Jan 2016

"Very exciting and fun to learn New things in decoupage. (rice paper decoupage workshop)." - Sally, 28 Dec 2015


"Rice paper on tin workshop is very informative. Teacher Szuen is patient and proficient in her craft." - Ivy, 28 Dec 2015


"Interesting (gel plate effect with stencil)." - Mag, 6 Dec 2015


"Enriching - colouring clouds. (Paper art napkin + blending)." - Mag, 6 Dec 2015


"Interesting. I love blending with rice paper." - Magdalene, 29 Nov 2015


"It is really a skill to wrap a bag seamlessly with paper art napkin. Enjoy the process and want to perfect my skill." - Connie, 22 Nov 2015


"The graining effect can be beautifully done on any medium used." - Connie, 22 Nov 2015


"Blocking class was easy and fun. Can create different contrast on a project." - Yvette, 15 Nov 2015


"Wrapping class is quite difficult but fun as the finished project looks very nice." - Yvette, 15 Nov 2015


"Easy to do (paper art napkin on customised designed pencil case)." - Magdalene, 15 Nov 2015


"Very nice outcome on bag." - JL, 12 Nov 2015


"Good effect on the straight line. Special oval clock." - Jie Luan, 12 Nov 2015


"A bit difficult to do on this handmade bag but the outcome is awesome. (advanced level)." - JL, 12 Nov 2015


"Very easy technique for wood tanning." - Yvette, 8 Nov 2015


"Need patience to do wood tanning class." - Connie, 8 Nov 2015


"Nice checkered effect on tissue holder."- Yvette, 8 Nov 2015


"Can use the technique to create 2 dimensional effect (advanced level)." - Connie, 8 Nov 2015


"This is my favourite class with nice blending techniques on basket bag (advanced level)." - Yvette, 8 Nov 2015


"The cracking effect is nice on glass ." - Connie, 8 Nov 2015


"The wood tanning technique is a very practical and I will try it at home." - Jie Luan, 29 Oct 2015


"Like the antique effect." - Jie Luan, 29 Oct 2015


"Just a simple few steps and a pretty tissue box is created. It is an unusual art as tissue box is a practical gift." - Connie, 25 Oct 2015


"Nice effect. (Destressing workshop)." - JL, 22 Oct 2015


"Resin on tray is very interesting especially since I always wanted to do but never did." - Merinda, 22 Oct 2015


"Very good effect. Can do on my wall." - Jie Luan, 22 Oct 2015


"Wallet is something I did on my own but not tidy enough. Happy with choices of napkin to match the medium." - Merinda 22 Oct 2015


"Enjoyed this class the most (blending on basket)." - Yvette, 18 Oct 2015


"Interesting technique on paper bin (advanced level)." - Yvette, 18 Oct 2015


"Quite complex but the earthquake effect is nice." - Yvette, 18 Oct 2015


"Good effect using gold dust with decoupage on glass plate." - JL, 15 Oct 2015


"Very nice effect although a bit difficult to deal with gold leaf." - JL, 15 Oct 2016


"Very interesting technique (earthquake effect)." - Yvette, 11 Oct 2015


"Lots of fun with texture paste." - Yvette, 11 Oct 2015


"Easy to create the (reflection) effect." - Fiona, 8 Oct 2015


"Good sea sponge effect with decoupage." - Merinda, 8 Oct 2015


"Easy to create mirror life effect." - Fiona, 8 Oct 2015


"Good (creating raindrops effect decoupage workshop)" - Merinda, 8 Oct 2015


"Gold leaf not easy to handle." - Fiona, 8 Oct 2015


"Very good decoupage workshop!" - 11-year old Joshua, 4 Oct 2015


"Fun decoupage on bag." - 9-year old Joyce, 4 Oct 2015


"Lots of fun (basic decoupage on bag)." - 5-year old Reagon, 4 Oct 2015


"Very fun decoupage on bag." - 7-year old Grace, 4 Oct 2015


"Fun and interesting (decoupage on bag)." - 7-year old Ashley, 4 Oct 2015


"Fun (decoupage). Cutting time consuming." - 5-year-old David, 4 Oct 2015


"Simple technique that looks like the real wood. Easy to follow." - Yvette, 4 Oct 2015


"Nice effect using sponge with gold on glass." - Fiona, 1 Oct 2015


"Nice. Satisfied with the finished artwork (sea sponge effect)." - Jie Luan, 1 Oct 2015


"Nice piece." - FL, 1 Oct 2015


"Satisfied with the finished artwork (round sea sponge on glass)." - JL, 1 Oct 2015


"The steps are important to create a beautiful plate. It allurs artistic and creativity. " - Connie, 27 Sep 2015


"Nice cracking effect. Very enjoyable class for antique effect." - Yvette, 27 Sep 2015


"Cracking effect is very nice on board." - Fiona, 27 Sep 2015


"Very simple to do yet the finishing picture looks very classy." - Yvette, 27 Sep 2015


"Interesting and beautiful cracking on glass vase." - Fiona, 27 Sep 2015


"Just a simple and plain plate. The outcome is so impressive!" - Connie, 27 Sep 2015


"Great. Can put all I learnt into a big canvas with my own colours' choice, interpretation of the technique. Very fulfilling (Trainer's certification course)." - Rolita, 26 Sep 2015


"Simple "earthquake effect technique but useful." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Finally I know how to use the double brush." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Lovely result stained glass effect." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Love the finished antique effect (26th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Nice cracking effect on glass." - JL, 25 Sep 2015


"Use this technique an lot in my works (25th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Simple carpenter's technique that I can apply by myself now (24th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Nice effect on journal book." - Jie Luan, 25 Sep 2015


"Simple yet quite hard to line up every edge of tissue (23rd workshop)." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Always love to do the blending colour. Need to practise a lot (22nd workshop)." - Rolita, 25 Sep 2015


"Enjoyable workshops on tray and canvas." - Merinda, 24 Sep 2015


"Enjoy the different effect between sponging and learnt how to differentiate between effects of paint brush and sponge. Nice." - Yvette, 20 Sep 2015


"The clay cracking medium really highlights the picture of the rice papers." - Connie, 20 Sep 2015


"Very fun piece, looks classic but quite simple to do." - Yvette, 20 Sep 2015


"I am amused by the cracking effect. It has added different dimension to the art pieces." - Connie, 20 Sep 2015


"This is a difficult technique to do with the gold leaf. A bit complicated but overall very interesting." - Yvette, 20 Sep 2015


"There are many things I can do to transform a normal glassware into a beautiful vase." - Connie, 20 Sep 2015


"Therapeutic and instructions are very clear." - Shirley Sim, 13 Sep 2015


"Beautiful and easy." - Fiona, 19 Sep 2015


"Elegant piece with crystals and gold paste." - Fiona, 19 Sep 2015


"Good workshop on paper art napkin on pencil case." - Merinda, 17 Sep 2015


"I could have done better using rice paper on luggage." - Merinda, 17 Sep 2015


"Good and interesting. Szuen makes decoupage seems so easy." - Julie Yu, 15 Sep 2015


"Very detailed. Excellent technique. (3D Pop up effect)." - Shweta, 15 Sep 2015


"A different effect with lots of layers as well. It gives a beautiful effect and different dimensions to the picture on glass." - Yvette, 13 Sep 2015


"It was an interesting technique with many layers to show the final effects on glass." - Yvette, 13 Sep 2015


"Easy to handle (type C sponging)." - Lim, 12 Sep 2015


"Satisfactory (type B sponging)." - Fiona, 12 Sep 2015


"Challenging but satisfied with the outcome (type A sponging)." - FL, 12 Sep 2015


"Very good workshop on decoupaging on clock!" - Mala, 9 Sep 2015


"Fun and therapeutic. Not difficult to complete a beautiful piece within an afternoon." - Lydia Chen, 7 Sep 2015


"The size of canvas used makes a big difference for earthquake effect." - Shuwen, 6 Sep 2015


"Interesting technique to create mirror effect on a glass." - Yvette, 6 Sep 2015


"Interesting to learn that a simple technique can create such vintage effect." - Connie, 6 Sep 2015


"Easier than mirror in vase or jar." - Shuwen, 6 Sep 2015


"Good technique to learn." - Yvette, 6 Sep 2015


"Don't really like gold but it can increase the marketability of the item(12th workshop)." - Shweta, 3 Sep 2015


"Like the velvet varnish. Very sellable medium. Easy to work with rice paper(11th workshop)." - Shweta, 3 Sep 2015


"Very nice medium to work on(10th workshop)." - Shweta, 3 Sep 2015


"The pouch looks beautiful(9th workshop)." - Shweta, 1 Sep 2015


"Very classy look(8th workshop)." - Shweta, 1 Sep 2015


"Very good effect(7th workshop)." - Shweta, 1 Sep 2015


"Love the effect greatly(6th workshop)." - Shweta, 1 Sep 2015\


"Paper easy to handle." - Fiona, 29 Aug 2015


"New technique on cracking. Interesting technique that adds layering." - Yvette, 29 Aug 2015


"Wrap technique new to me." - Fiona, 29 Aug 2015


"Enjoyable and creative way to add effects on normal everyday mediums." - Yvette, 29 Aug 2015


"New ideas to create beautiful prints on wood." - Fiona, 29 Aug 2015


"Great, simple art to enjoy." - Patricia, 29 Aug 2015


"Gel technique blending in tray quite interesting." - Fiona, 29 Aug 2015


"Enjoy making new friends while doing the workshop!" - Jeffrey, 29 Aug 2015


"Very relaxing and fun." - Sazhi, 29 Aug 2015


"Fun and interesting." - Lisa, 29 Aug 2015


"Informative. Interesting and easy to learn. Fun." - Joshua, 29 August 2015


"Relaxing and fun workshop!" - Lydia, 29 August 2015


"Loved it. Very good outcome in minimum effort(5th workshop)." - Shweta, 27 Aug 2015


"Excellent (technique on tin)(4th workshop)." - Shweta, 27 Aug 2015


"Very good effect with a simple technique on plastic tray(3rd workshop)." - Shweta, 27 Aug 2015


"It creates a 2-3 dimensional image with single technique." - Connie, 23 Aug 2015


"Interesting, new technique." - Fiona, 21 Aug 2015

"It was very nice as it involved painting. The blending class and the crystal varnish effect were specially nice(2nd workshop)." - Shweta, 21 Aug 2015


"New exploration." - Fiona, 21 Aug 2015


"Love the gold paper, hard to handle. Need to practise (21st workshop)." - Rolita, 15 August 2015


"Nice and different effect on plate (20th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 August 2015


"Love the gold powder though a lot of work (19th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 August 2015


"Always love distressing technique (18th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 Aug 2015


"Relatively easier than the vase with same "waaow" effect (17th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 Aug 2015


"Not easy to spread the liquid all over the vase. (16th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 Aug 2015


"Nice practice, interesting result on MDF (15th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 Aug 2015


"Nice and easy workshop on glass bottle (14th workshop)." - Rolita, 15 Aug 2015


"Very nice workshop. Easy to understand(1st workshop)." - Shweta, 13 Aug 2015


"It was easy to transform a plain wallet into a present. It is also a good business idea." - C.Chua, 9 Aug 2015


"The gold paint effect can really change the tin into lookalike jewel crown." - Connie, 9 Aug 2015


"A great business idea from the workshop!" - C.C, 9 Aug 2015


"Learnt new tuck-in technique. Like the wallet quality." - JL, 6 Aug 2015


"Good workshops on rice paper and napkin decoupage." - Fiona, 6 Aug 2015


"Learnt two different ways of blocking. The outcome is very nice!" - Jie Luan, 6 Aug 2015


"Learnt something new. Excited!" - Charissa, 2 Aug 2015


"Very entertaining and informative. I learnt new skills about working on this special paper." - Mayliza, 2 Aug 2015


"Super like the outcome. It is lovely." - JL, 30 July 2015


"I love the quality of the pouch and the outcome matches the pouch." - Jie Luan, 30 July 2015


"The sponge painting is a bit difficult but the outcome is nice!" - JL, 30 July 2015


"Nice, very easy yet really adding value to the wallet (13th workshop)!" - Rolita, 27 July 2015


"Wow. New thing (12th workshop)." - Rolita, 27 July 2015


"Simple yet useful technique (11th workshop)." - Rolita, 27 July 2015


"Totally new technique and material (10th workshop)." - Rolita, 27 July 2015


"I like the effect created just by using a wrap which is easily available as household item." - Connie, 26 July 2015


"The transformation of a tin into a beautiful container is "see to believe it." Connie, 26 July 2015


"Very creative use of the gold paste to create a different effect on the tin." - Yvette, 26 July 2015


"I can't believe I can create one and only design on the bag. It is my design and no one can copy it." - Connie, 26 July 2015


"Good technique. My favourite class is today. Love the effect on the wallet." - Yvette, 26 July 2015


"Lovely snow effect! I can do this on my mix media scrap booking(9th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Now I know how good this sponge is (8th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Lovely technique. Is nice to try it on leather bag (7th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Wow. Eye opener technique (6th workshop)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Fun! Absolutely going to try more at home (5th workshop)!"- Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Simple yet nice wrapping technique (4th workshop)."- Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Very nice, did not know simple technique can give great effect (3rd workshop)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Love the blending technique and brush to create gradations. This is my favourite (2nd workshop)!" - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Easy and interesting (napkin decoupage on PU bag)." - Rolita, 25 July 2015


"Learnt the techniques to create the nice textured effect!" - Jie Luan, 23 July 2015


"Like the painting technique and the use of universal primer." - JL, 23 July 2015


"The blending part is tricky." - Monica, 17 July 2015


"Fun and amazing." - Ryan, 17 July 2015


"Needs practice to stick the napkin well." - Monica, 17 July 2015   


"A sense of accomplishment to complete the Trainer's certification course. The feeling of mastering all the 31 techniques is awesome. Hope to work even harder to improve myself." - Yiran, 11 July 2015


"Today's workshop is very difficult but the pop up effect is very interesting." - Yvette, 5 July 2015


"Quite easy to create a cracked texture. The artwork is pretty too." - Yiran, 4 July 2015


"I think my blending of colours has improved. More daring to paint as there is always a way to repair or salvage the mistakes." - Connie, 5 July 2015


"New technique. Very special. Interesting." - Yvette, 5 July 2015


"Awesome class. Great teacher. Have a wonderful sense of accomplishment, able to create a piece of artwork." - Gurjit, 5 July 2015


"Need to grasp the balance of the brush's strokes. After doing it, the effect is quite pretty." - Yiran, 4 July 2015


"Very fun to do this technique on gel plate." - Jie Luan, 2 July 2015


"Very amazing effect and new technique (liquid painting) to me." - Jacelyn, 2 July 2015


"Very fun to learn how to use the gel plate to create artwork on wood. Need to practise my blending skills in colours." - Connie, 28 June 2015


"I like the painting and decoupage so much. Love the outcome." - JL, 2 July 2015


"The magical effect of liquid mirror on the vase fascinates me." - C. 20 June 2015


"I need to brush my colour blending and painting skills." - Connie, 28 June 2015


"I feel very good to create something for my husband's birthday." - C., 20 June 2015


"It is interesting to know even luggage can be decoupaged. What else I cannot create!" - Connie, 20 June 2015


"Is not difficult. Like to decoupage on plate and enjoy the painting on it." - Yiran, 20 June 2015


"Fun, learn many useful techniques( Certification course), not only for decoupage but mixed media as well. Definitely beneficial for people who love art and craft." - Lena, 18 June 2015


"Like the glass varnish workshop a lot. Hope I can do it next time by myself." - YR, 20 June 2015


"Love the paint. Very interesting craft. (Glass varnish)" - JL, 18 June 2015


"The one and only pair of shoes decoupaged, unique!" - B.H., 18 June 2015


"Interesting decoupage lesson. Something new and different." - Victoria, 12-year-old, 18 June 2015


"Very new to me but fun creating a mirror on glass." - Jacelyn, 18 June 2015


"It is fun to create something on my own using common things. Excited to learn more." - Connie, 14 June 2015


"Simple and fun for special texture effect workshop. Very easy to do and nice to look at after its done." - Yiran, 14 June 2015


"Nice resin effect. Breath-taking." - Amai, 13 June 2015


"Very helpful and clear explanation by instructor (European paper art napkin decoupage)." - Mya, 11 June 2015


"Very useful knowledge gained (rice paper decoupage)." - Mya, 11 June 2015


"A little difficult to work with this tool to create wood lines." - YR, 6 June 2015


"Fun to work with sponge to paint texture effect." - Yvette, 6 June 2015


"Not a difficult workshop but you need to be meticulous." - YR, 6 June 2015


"Had a great time working with this sponge, created a very pretty background for my picture." - Yvette, 6 June 2015


"I like the shiny effect. Is also quite easy." - Yiran, 6 June 2015


"Interesting to learn that different sponge creates different effects." - YV, 6 June 2015


"Interesting to learn about the technique of blending colours and using a different varnish for a different finish." - Yvette, 4 June 2015


"I find the entire program (31 workshops) very good. I learnt many techniques (special texture effects and decoupage tools) which are very applicable to any objects that I can make use of!" - Linda, 30 May 2015


"Simply awesome! I have finally completed the whole module (31 workshops) and the best is that I passed the exam. Hurray!" - Amai, 30 May 2015


"Fun! I enjoyed the workshop!" - Jacelyn Kau, 28 May 2015


"Clear water effect resin is something I never thought of." - Linda, 23 May 2015


"Truly awesome. Time consuming but effort paid off." - Amai, 23 May 2015


Interesting gel plate session." - Yvette, 23 May 2015


"This bag is beautiful but takes many hours to complete." - Linda, 23 May 2015


"Easy and interesting rice paper decoupage." - Kris, 23 May 2015


"Amazing earthquake effect texture." - Amai, 23 May 2015


"Very good workshop. Totally enjoyed myself." - Yvette, 23 May 2015


"Nice texture even on its own." - Linda, 21 March 2015


"Need practice more to control the painting of straight lines with decoupage." - LL, 21 March 2015


"This crackling (earthquake effect) is so different from what I did previously. Very GOOD!" - Loke, 21 March 2015


"Interesting and fun new decoupage and painting technique." - Yvette, 17 May 2015


"I had great fun with resin painting and paper art napkin." - Yvette, 17 May 2015


"Destressing on tissue box - interesting technique." - LL, 16 May 2015


"Needs some skills to master the tanning of the pine wood chair." - Loke, 16 May 2015


"The effect of using gold and brush to paint the crackling are well blended together." - Linda, 14 May 2015


"The texture piece turns out to be beautiful using the moulding on bin." - LL, 14 May 2015


"Nice to see the butterflies 'covered' the background." - Amai, 9 May 2015


"Another interesting way to use rice paper on glass plate." - Linda, 9 May 2015


"It was very enjoyable, learnt about rice paper and technique of application of glue." - Yvette, 9 May 2015


"This piece reflects a beautiful crackling effect and antique finish." - LL, 2 May 2015


"Nice experience especially using the graining tool to create the bark lines." - Amai, 2 May 2015


"The gladwrap workshop gives a frozen look." - Linda, 2 May 2015


"The gold leaf adds beautiful effect on the plate," - L.L, 30 April 2015


"Not easy to do, needs lots of patience and co-ordination. (Wrapping on basket)." - B.H, 25 April 2015


"It was really fun and easy to pick up. Once you get the technique (a good teacher helps). You can start getting creative. (rice paper decoupage and painting)." - Florence, 25 April 2015


"Very nice and classic plate with shiny gold. (sponge and gold decoupage plate)." - Amai, 25 April 2015


"Fun, very nice and exclusive outcome, compared to other lessons (3D pop up)." - Shuwen, 23 April 2015


"The chocolate cake decoupage looks so delicious. Its decoupage in its modern form." - Linda, 23 April 2015


"We can use the skills we learn to decorate the wallet to be used for pencil case as well." - Alexsa Lee, 20 April 2015


"Great and awesome workshop! Learnt many interesting stuff." - Aivienna, 20 April 2015


"Interesting technique. (gel plate layering with decoupage)." - Shu wen, 18 April 2015


"Fruit tray with a difference. (painting and decoupage on tray)." - Linda, 18 April 2015


"The effect was very new, thus interesting. (Jar into a mirror)." - Shu wen, 18 April 2015


"The glass plate turned into a beautiful display piece." - Linda, 18 April 2015


"Rice paper decoupage was new, but it looks brighter in print." - Shuwen, 18 April 2015


"Good method for decoupage. (Creating layers of napkin decoupage on top of each other)." L.L, 16 April 2015


"A good art technique using gelplate to master." - L.Loke, 16 April 2015


"Beautiful creation in a vase. (transforming jar into a mirror)." - Linda, 16 April 2015


"Fun and interesting (painting special effects and decoupage on plate)." - Eileen Lim, 13 April 2015


"3D effects make the whole cake looks so delicious." - B.H, 11 April 2015


"Easy to paint on as the visible lines are available with the double brush." - Amai, 11 April 2015


"Amazing gel plate effects combined with dollies to create fantastic effects." - B.H, 11 April 2015


"I found it to be a very different and enriching experience.(decoupage on pouch)." - Adithi, 10 April 2015


"The book looks special after decoupage (and sponging)." - Linda, 9 April 2015


"Beautiful and unique (lace decoupage workshop)." - Linda, 9 April 2015


"Easy and fun decorating wallet using paper art napkin." - Sarafina, 6 April 2015


"A good wallet decoupage workshop." - Sasha, 6 April 2015


"A great paper art napkin decoupage workshop on wallet." - Aivienna, 6 April 2015


"I find the workshop today interesting and the overall product looks really good." - Alexsa Lee, 6 April 2015


"I like the wallet decoupage workshop. Learnt patch up and tuck in technique." - Fannie, 6 April 2015


"Fun and interesting (Decorating wallet workshop)." - Shikin, 6 April 2015


"Have a better idea on how to deal with lace." - Amai, 4 April 2015


"I like the vibrant colours of the pouch (sponge type 3 and decoupage on pouch bag)." - Linda, 4 April 2015


"Another good way to substitute for gold leaf. (Gold type II decoupage on plate)." - Amai, 4 April 2015


""Quite difficult in painting and decoupaging on fabric bag." - Lena, 2 April 2015


"Progressing very well with different techniques (cracking paint and decoupage with glass)." - Linda, 2 April 2015


"Good (Napkin decoupage on bag)." - Chong Ee Leen, 26 March 2015


"Interesting. First time trying out decoupage (Beginner on napkin decoupage)." - Elizabeth Liok, 26 March 2015


"Easy to do. Professional looking finish. Happy with the end results. (basic napkin decoupage on bag)." - Rachel Ting, 26 March 2015


"The bag looks so beautiful to me (Decorating the basket)." - Linda, 19 March 2015


"Amazing to see the liquid transforming into a mirror (mirror on glass)." - Amai, 21 March 2015


"Unusual materials used for this workshop (rice paper with sea sponge)." - Linda, 19 March 2015


"A bit difficult (liquid painting with napkin decoupage)." - Lena, 19 March 2015


"Every piece created has its own beauty (Gold paste on metal)." Linda, 19 March 2015


"A bit challenging to apply the colour (painting on wood)." Yiran, 19 March 2015


"Very easy, learn brushing techniques (paper decoupage + painting)." Lena, 19 March 2015


"Quite intriguing to paste gold onto artwork. I like it (Pasting gold with decoupage)." - Yi Ran, 19 March 2015


"Simple and easy. A vintage look (creating light texture on tray)." - YR, 18 March 2015


"Simple. Like the effect (creating antique decoupage art)." - Yiran, 18 March 2015


"Finally got my hands on a piece of a very oriental art. Awesome." - Amai, 18 March 2015


"Need to be careful in doing this. The effect is nice (Creating mirror workshop)." - Yiran, 18 March 2015


"With the gold paste, it gives a very royal feel and I like it." - B.H, 18 March 2015


"Is pretty and simple (texture special effect with decoupage)." - YR, 14 March 2015


"Pasting the gold was interesting and I think I did quite well." - Amai, 14 March 2015


"Quite challenging. Requires patience (3D pop up decoupage)." - Yiran, 14 March 2015


"Classic feel after completion of work (vintage/antique with decoupage)." - B.H, 14 March 2015


"Something new and interesting (napkin decoupage and painting)." - Linda, 14 March 2015


"Quite simple (Gold metallica decoupage)." - Yiran, 14 March 2015


"This (decoupaged) wallet turns out exactly what I like!" - Linda, 10 March 2015


"Easy and fun (Decorating journal book with decoupage)!" - Sarafina, 9 March 2015


"Fun workshop (Decoupage)!" - Angie, 9 March 2015


"It was enjoyable and I hope to learn more (Sponging and Decoupage)!" - Iva, 9 March 2015


"Fun (Decoupage on journal book)!" - Fannie, 9 March 2015


"It was fun and useful. It turned out really nice (Decorating journal book)!" - Alexsa Lee, 9 March 2015


"Pretty easy to do. Therapeutic (Tanning Wood workshop)." - V. Pong, 5 March 15


"Very fun and interesting effect (Creating wood eyes workshop)." - Valerie, 4 March 15


"Detailed workshop (Decorating basket with paper napkin)." - V.P., 4 March 15


"Very easy and the effects are very nice. (Creating stripes painting)." - Val, 3 March 15


"Rather easy. I enjoyed it and the effects are great (Antique effect on MDF)." - Valerie, 3 March 2015


"Time consuming. Needs patience and has to be detailed. (Decoupage and painting on basket)." - V. Pong, 3 March 15


"Pretty effect. Is quite easy to do (Destressing technique)." YR, 1 March 2015


"Relatively easy technique. Enjoyed the session!" - Val, 27 Feb 2015


"Very interesting (Destressing on wood). The effect on wood is amazing. The result is very pretty. 

Simple, straightforward and not difficult." - Val, 27 Feb 2015


"Very beautiful. I love the colours (Lace workshop)." - Yiran, 24 Feb 2015


"It is easy to do. Make it for friends is wonderful (sponging workshop)." Yiran, 23 Feb 2015


"I find it enjoyable and is it easy to understand." - Alexsa Lee, 23 Feb 2015


"A cool napkin decoupage workshop." - Angelle, 23 Feb 2015


"Very easy to follow and interesting." - Shikin, 23 Feb 2015


"Fun workshop on napkin decoupage." - Fannie, 23 Feb 2015


"A little challenging but is still fun!" - Sarafina, 23 Feb 2015


"Fun workshop!" - Sasha, 23 Feb 2015


"Easy and is quite a piece of pretty art. (Bottle with crackle)." - YR, 21 Feb 2015


"I like this (plate with sponge type 1 technique workshop). Easy." - YR, 21 Feb 2015


"Not difficult. I like this class (Cracking on canvas). Can give this away as gift for friends," - YR, 21 Feb 2015


"For the basket decoupage workshop, you need patience to tear the napkin into small little pieces as the basket I was working on was huge, the time I took  was longer." - Yiran, 17 Feb 2015


"Good. I love decoupage." - Anienna, 16 Feb 2015


"Fun!" - Fannie, 16 Feb 2015


"Its easy and fun. Time saver activity." - Sarafina, 16 Feb 2015


"Easy and fun. (Napkin decoupage on bag)." - Angelie, 16 Feb 2015


"I find it interesting and relatively easy to do. (Napkin on bag)." - Alexia Lee, 16 Feb 2015


"The students appeared to enjoy the session a lot. (Napkin on bag)." - Kay, 16 Feb 2015


"Easy to follow. (Napkin on bag)." - Alice, 16 Feb 2015


"Exciting to see the destressing lines appeared on the rice papers. So vintage and classic." - Amai, 14 Feb 2015

"Very interesting and easy to do. (Gold leaf workshop)." - Serene Heng, 31 Jan 2015


"Quite easy to do and turns out beautiful (painting/mixed media)." - Linda, 22 Jan 2015


"Good experience. A beautiful piece (Liquid painting)." - Linda, 22 Jan 2015


"Quite good (Tin workshop). I will be able to try to do it again by myself next time." - Yi Ran, 18 Jan 2015


"It is quite meaningful to give this as a gift to closed ones.(photo with texture effect on acrylic coaster frame)." - Yi Ran, 18 Jan 2015


"I believe this is going to be an awesome gift for my friend. (Plate workshop)." - B.H., 17 Jan 2015


"It transforms an ordinary glass jar into something classic." - B.H., 17 Jan 2015


"Relatively easy to do but the effect is outstanding (powdery texture technique workshop)." - B.H., 17 Jan 2015


"Felt great doing it. Can cope with the class. After completing the class, I still have interest to do another one. (designing a bag workshop)." - Yi Ran, 17 Jan 2015


"The crackle effect is beautiful however the arrangement of the rose is quite challenging. It enhances my creativity." - B.H., 17 Jan 2015


"I find this gold leaf plate the most challenging. The gold leaf is difficult to handle as it is fragile. (Gold Leaf)." - V.P., 15 Jan 2015


"Quite easy to do. The effects are fantastic. Very nice (Texture)." - V.P., 15 Jan 2015


"Quite challenging technique. Rather tedious but it turns out very beautiful. Enjoyed it!" - V.P., 15 Jan 2015


"Very easy to do and very nice result. (napkin sponging on glass)." - V.P., 15 Jan 2015


"The paint is tricky on the glass  but the finished product is amazingly beautiful (cracking on bottle)." - Val, 14 Jan 2015


"I love the crackle effect (on pencil holder)." - Val, 14 Jan 2015


"Very good effect and extremely easy (Powdery texture workshop)." - Val, 14 Jan 2015


"(Texture workshop) Very interesting and easy to do. Fun too." - Val, 14 Jan 2015


"Very interesting workshop." - Linda, 12 Jan 2015


"A fun workshop (key chain workshop)." - Ashley Tang, 11 Jan 2015


"Very interesting (napkin decoupage)." - Christina Tang, 11 Jan 2015


"It was a fun class. Learnt the decoupage technique. A Sunday well-spent!" - Shuchi, 11 Jan 2015


"Enjoyable napkin decoupage workshop!" - Ashley, 11 Jan 2015


"So warm and colourful, bright and sunny, lighten up my spirits (paper decoupage)!" - Amai, 10 Jan 2015


"Cute. I love the snow effect (on journal book) and of course, the polar bears!" - B.H., 10 Jan 2015


"Relaxing, creative yet fun!" - Evelyn Joseph, 10 Jan 2015


"Fabulous after effect (sponge type 1), so victorian!" - Amai, 10 Jan 2015


"Something new and interesting. Something that is manageable for me." - Sharmaine, 10 Jan 2015


"Totally classic (cup coaster). Simply awesome piece of art!" - B.H., 10 Jan 2015


"Very therapeutic and enlightening. Very interesting." - Adeline Lee, 10 Jan 2015


"Very interesting technique. Very easy to do. A versatile technique that can be used on many art pieces." - V.Pong, 9 Jan 2015


"Very therapeutic. I love the effects very much. Extremely easy to do. Anyone can do it, even those with no art background." - V.Pong, 9 Jan 2015


"I find the sponging very fun and very easy to do! The effects are amazing and beautiful (Type sponge 1 workshop)!" - V.Pong, 9 Jan 2015


"Excited to see the colors blend in and lovely transformation occurs (liquid painting)!" - B.H. Kirk, 3 Jan 2015


"Simply awesome to see such a simple picture "converted" to a great piece of artwork!" - B.H. Kirk, 3 Jan 2015

"Very interesting (liquid abstract painting) and surprisingly, very easy to do. The effects are amazing without much effort. Highly recommended if you want something beautiful with minimal effort. Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Very fun!" - Val, 31 Dec 2014


"I never thought that one can put any design on a wallet till I took this course. There is no limit to creativity. The result is a wallet that is original in design and not mass produced. Very simple to do. Instructor is patient and detailed which makes this workshop a joy to be in!" - V. Pong, 31 Dec 2014


"Interesting and fun (napkin decoupage)!" - Danielle Tan, 30 Dec 2014


"Therapeutic, interesting and easy to follow (napkin decoupage)." - Marjorie, 30 Dec 2014


"Is a very fun workshop!" - Linus, 30 Dec 2014


"The bag turned out to be very nice!" - Christian, 30 Dec 2014


"Easy and fun (decoupage on bag)!" - Danielle, 30 Dec 2014


"Fun (napkin decoupage)!" - Lorissa, 30 Dec 2014


"Useful and interesting (tanning wood workshop)." - Monica, 30 Dec 2014


"The (blending and paper decoupage workshop) is awesome." - Ryan, 30 Dec 2014


"Easy workshop on bag." - Lorissa, 30 Dec 2014


"I like the napkin on bag workshop very much." - Linus, 30 Dec 2014


"The workshop was fun and interesting." - Gabriel Tan, 30 Dec 2014


"(The artist's certification intensive courses) are very helpful in areas of techniques (applications)." - Shu Wen, 29 Dec 2014


"Nice effect (tanning wood workshop)." - Shu Wen, 29 Dec 2014


"Fun and simple (napkin decoupage on board workshop)." - L. Hoo, 29 Dec 2014


"Cool (texture at advanced level workshop)." - Shu wen, 23 Dec 2014


"Easy and interesting outcome (creating a worn out look at advanced level workshop)." - Shu wen, 23 Dec 2014


"Fun (napkin on canvas)." - Ryan Fok (Hong Kong), 23 Dec 2014


"A little hard because need to get straight and clean lines (creating lines at advanced level)." - Shu wen, 23 Dec 2014


"Fun and interesting workshop (napkin on bag)." - Monica (Hong Kong), 23 Dec 2014


"Nice (antique workshop) but effect may need to wait a little longer." - Shu wen, 22 Dec 2014


"Cool workshop (french lace workshop)!" - Shu wen, 22 Dec 2014


"The effect (creating wood eyes) is awesome!" - Shu wen, 22 Dec 2014


"Its fun and I never knew a nice "painting" could be done this way. It is so easy." - Anthony Yeh, 20 Dec 2014


"It is an easy workshop (napkin decoupage and painting)." - Kathleen Yeh, 20 Dec 2014


"A very fun blending with napkin decoupage workshop!" - Linus, 18 Dec 2014


"The teacher is very nice and it is a fun napkin pasting with blending technique workshop." - Christian, 18 Dec 2014


"Very fun napkin decoupage with blending!" - Danielle, 18 Dec 2014


"Fun (liquid gel painting workshop)!" - Heather, 7-year-old, 15 Dec 2014


"Fun and enjpyable (napkin on bag workshop)." - Felicia Ho, 7-year-old, 15 Dec 2014


"Easy (blending painting on book)." - Heather, 7-year-old, 15 Dec 2014


"Enjoyable (napkin on bag)." - Amanda Ho, 8-year-old, 15 Dec 2014


"Fun (painting with paper decoupage workshop). Learnt some new techniques of blending and pasting." - Bhumika, 13 Dec 2014


"It was fun, therapeutic and productive (abstract painting) workshop. I had a great time and this is a great way to spend Saturday's morning." - Chintan, 13 Dec 2014


"Good workshop. (Blocking technique)." - Shu Wen, 9 Dec 2014


"Learnt new technique, " tuck-in" in napkin decoupage workshop. Nice outcome" - Shu Wen, 9 Dec 2014


"Nice workshop (napkin decoupage on basket bag). The final outcome is good." - Shu Wen, 8 Dec 2014


"Special (napkin decoupage on basket bag workshop), I love my bag a lot. The colour is beautiful. The process is interesting." - Shu Min, 8 Dec 2014


"Interesting napkin decoupage workshop. Can be accomplished with no previous knowledge." - Wai Fook, 8 Dec 2014


"Good napkin decoupage workshop. I enjoyed myself." - Felicia, 8 Dec 2014


"A fun and interesting napkin decoupage workshop." - Kegan, 10-year-old, 5 Dec 2014


"Nice, learnt something new. (napkin decoupage)." - Tjin Yeong, 10-year-old, 5 Dec 2014


"I find it fun (napkin decoupage workshop)." - Devlen Tan, 10-year-old, 5 Dec 2014


"Good workshop on napkin decoupage!" - Genevieve, 8-year-old, 5 Dec 2014


"I found the napkin decoupage workshop enjoyable and interesting." - Bryan, 14-year-old, 5 Dec 2014


"Very nice outcome.(gold leaf on glass)." - Shu Wen, 3 Dec 2014


"Is an interesting workshop (pasting gold leaf on plate). Testing my patience as I have to put the gold leaf gently." - Shu Min, 3 Dec 2014


"Fun! (napkin decoupage workshop on bag)" - Elyse, 10-year-old, 3 Dec 2014


"Relaxing (napkin decoupage workshop)." - Lindy, 3 Dec 2014


"Like the blending and technique used (paper decoupage on glass workshop)." - Shu Wen, 2 Dec 2014


"I find it cool to see the plate cracking. It is amazing. (paper decoupage on glass workshop)." - Shu Min, 2 Dec 2014


"The snow effect is nice (napkin decoupage on glass)." - Shu Wen, 2 Dec 2014


"Fun and easy napkin decoupage on bag workshop." - En Bi, 7-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"Fun decoupage on bag workshop." - Jiselle, 6-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"I enjoyed the napkin decoupage workshop on bag." - Joanna, 7-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"Fun decoupage workshop!" - Timothy, 9-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"It was a very fun napkin decoupage workshop on bag." - Danielle, 7-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"Nice workshop, napkin decoupage on bag workshop." - Joyce Tan, 1 Dec 2014


"Is fun napkin decoupage workshop." - Seo Yeon, 7-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"Easy, fun and l learnt how to blend the paint colours (painting with paper decoupage workshop)." - Abdillah, 11-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"The (painting with paper decoupage) is easy." - Heather, 7-year-old, 1 Dec 2014


"Good decoupage workshop!" - Meenu James, 30 Nov 2014


"Great fun." - Anand, 30 Nov 2014


"Really fun. Hope to get to do more oil painting." - Selina, 30 Nov 2014


"Fun and engaging!" - Sasha, 30 Nov 2014


"Different artwork." - Geetika, 30 Nov 2014


"Good workshop!" - Sudla, 30 Nov 2014


"A good decoupage workshop." - Anuj Khem, 30 Nov 2014


"Nice, learnt several new techniques (cracking on board workshop)." - Shu Wen, 29 Nov 2014


"The effect is a little visible (wrapping paint workshop)." - Shu Wen, 29 Nov 2014


"Very nice outcome (Cracking on glass workshop). - Shu Wen, 29 Nov 2014


"The outcome for the (type I sponge on tin workshop) is very satisfying. Simple and fast!" - Shu Wen, 28 Nov 2014


"This workshop is easy. (sponge type III painting with decoupage workshop)." - Shu Wen, 28 Nov 2014


"The (napkin decoupage on canvas) is easy." - Heather, 7-year-old, 28 Nov 2014


"Learnt a new technique and skill (using type sponge II to paint on journal book). Control of strength needs to be delicate." - Shu Wen, 28 Nov 2014


"Workshop on napkin decoupage is awesome." - Linus, 6-year-old, 27 Nov 2014


"Excellent napkin decoupage workshop!" - Kayden, 9-year-old, 27 Nov 2014


"Nice workshop (napkin decoupage and painting)." - Shu Wen, 25 Nov 2014


"I like my artwork. Nice (Napkin decoupage and painting)!" - Shu Min, 25 Nov 2014


"The final outcome is cool. (Gel abstract painting workshop)." - Shu Wen, 25 Nov 2014


"I find the resin-like gel medium amazing. A good experience. Learnt how to move the colour without spreading it(Gel abstract painting workshop)." Shu Min, 25 Nov 2014


"The (painting and paper decoupage workshop) is a nice and simple one." - Shu Wen, 19-year-old student, 24 Nov 2014


"I find it (painting and paper decoupage workshop) challenging but I learn how to merge the colours together." - Shu Min, student, 24 Nov 2014


"The (napkin decoupage on bag workshop) is fun!" - Shu Wen, student, 24 Nov 2014


"I find it fun and interesting (napkin decoupage on bag). Learnt to match the colours of napkins." - Shu Min, student, 24 Nov 2014


"Is interesting to know there is such an art as napkin decoupage." - T.L Lim, 22 Nov 2014


"Interesting (napkin decoupage workshop). My first time experience." - Polly, 22 Nov 2014


"It was an enjoyable, fun and interesting workshop." - Rachel Pang 14-year old, 18 Nov 2014


"It was a very fun and interesting workshop." - Eliza, 11-year old, 18 Nov 2014


"Very good workshop. Is a new form of art for me." - Jaslene, 18 Nov 2014


"Wonderful coaching by a patient instructor. Enjoyed every minute of this workshop ! Very therapeutic!" - Val, 17 Nov 2014


"Thank you for today's session! It was really an eye opener and fun experience. You have been doing a great job in volunteering to help NGOs.

Thank you very much" - Khor HY, 17 Nov 2014


"An excellent workshop on decoupage." - Tan N.C., 17 Nov 2014


"A pleasant and enjoyable decoupage workshop!" - Ng S.P, 17 Nov 2014


"A therapeutic decoupage workshop!" - Han S.Y, 17 Nov 2014


"An interesting decoupage workshop!" - Jacky, 17 Nov 2014


"It was a very fun decoupage workshop.  I enjoyed it." - Marie, 17 Nov 2014


"Great (decoupage and painting workshop)! I discovered the artistic side of myself. Totally enjoyed it. Thanks to teacher for her patience." - Idy, 16 Nov 2014


"Interesting to learn something new today on art decoupage and painting." - Adeline, 16 Nov 2014


"Fun and interesting (painting and decoupage workshop)!" - Si Lei, 16 Nov 2014


"The end product (wallet decoupage workshop) is simply gorgeous!" - Bee Har,." - B.H, 10 Nov 2014


"Interesting workshop (Decoupage with painting)!" - Victor, 14 Nov 2014


"Good insight on how to handle hands-on work (napkin decoupage)." - Doris, 1 Nov 2014


"Fantastic Basket decoupage workshop!" - Sherry Lim, 25 Oct 2014


"Interesting (decoupage workshop on cracking paint on wooden box). Seeing the final product, all my efforts are paid off." - B.H, 31 Oct 2014


"This is a relaxing and fun decoupage workshop. I would love to come to LoDaRe again." - B.H, 25 Oct 2014


"Interesting! I learnt something new at the decoupage workshop today and it is a great bonding session with my friends!" - Serene, 11 Oct 2014


"Great paper decoupage workshop!" - Yee Ling, 11 Oct 2014


Something different, learnt more about decoupage and difference from the normal painting." - Aileen Goh, 11 Oct 2014


"Fun! Instructor is very patient and helpful. Teaches us a lot of techniques (decoupage)." - Jessie Neo, 11 Oct 2014


"Interesting and therapeutic workshop! I learned a new technique today! - Melissa Ng, 3 Oct 2014


"A good decoupage workshop." - Serene. H (Malaysia), 3 Oct 2014


"An educational workshop." - Jasmine Yap, 25 Sep 2014


"Useful and fun workshop!" - Sheryl Lim, 23 Sep 2014


"Great fun in learning (decoupage)!" - Joel, 23 Sep 2014


"A fantastic workshop!" - Xin Ni, 20 Sep 2014


"Very interesting. Get to learn something new." - Kailing, 20 Sep 2014


"Very enriching. Interesting idea of art." - Lynn Yeo, 20 Sep 2014


"Interesting and different from what I know. Timing is just right. Good variety of materials and patterns to choose from." - Amelia, 20 Sep 2014


"Excellent napkin decoupage workshop!" - Mala, 19 Sep 2014


"A good workshop!" - Anne L, 19 Sep 2014


"An enjoyable workshop!" - Melody, 13-year old, 12 Sep 2014


"A very fun and interesting workshop!" - Charlene, 10-year-old, 12 Sep 2014


"Interesting and therapeutic workshop!" - Veron. Quek, 12 Sep 2014


"The wallet napkin decoupage workshop is very good!" - Mary. C, 12 Sep 2014


"I am not an artist person but I find this workshop very fulfilling and refreshing. It can light up boredom in our everyday life." - Rachel Tan, 8 Sep 2014


"The decoupage workshop was very informative and fun." - Selina Thomas, 8 Sep 2014


"The workshop was great! I am satisfied with the final artwork! - Stephanie, 6 Sep 2014


"Enjoyable (decoupage and painting) workshop." - Xiangru Chen, 24 Aug 2014


"A fun and interesting (decoupage) workshop!" - CH. Wong, 24 Aug 2014


"This was a informative workshop (on decoupage and painting)." - SK. Foong, 24 Aug 2014


"Great experience. Got to know about decoupage today." - Lily Chen, 24 Aug 2014


"Learnt something new from the workshop. Nice class!" N. Cheah, 24 Aug 2014


"Patient instructor. Learnt useful (painting and decoupage) techniques. Thank you!" - Janet, 24 Aug 2014


"Fun! Interesting (plate) workshop!" - Victor, CP, 22 Aug 2014


"Excellent and interesting workshop! We learned and enjoyed the workshop!" - S. Raneal, 20 Aug 2014


"Very detailed teaching and good guidance from instructor for the plate workshop. Very interesting!." - V. Pong, 19 Aug 2014


"(Napkin Decoupage workshop) is really an interesting and enjoyable workshop." - Nora, 16 Aug 2014


"Good learning workshop!" - Julie, 16 Aug 2014


"It is a fun workshop!" - YL Chew, 16 Aug 2014


"Enjoyable workshop (transition painting)." - Jaleen, 16 Aug 2014


"The (transition painting workshop for beginners) is good in learning about some painting techniques." - Joanne, 16 Aug 2014


"The (Napkin decoupage) workshop is very interesting. The instructor is very friendly and helpful." - KJ. Li, 9 Aug 2014


"The workshop (napkin decoupage) opened up more of my horizon to ARTs!" - B. Loh, 9 Aug 2014


"I enjoyed myself. Very fun, informative and interesting workshop" - Val, 5 Aug 2014


"This is a good workshop!" - Allycia, 9-year-old, 5 Aug 2014


"The instructor is patient and instructive. She is also generous with our use of the art materials." Elaine, 5 Aug 2014



"Very fun workshop! Interesting" - Tiffany, 2 Aug 2014


"Learnt very interesting new techniques! (in transition painting with decoupage on canvas." Kirstie, 2 Aug 2014


"I have gained useful knowledge from the workshop. Is fun!" - Sisi, 2 Aug 2014


"This is a fun and interesting workshop" - Rystelle, 2 Aug 2014


"The class was interesting and I had fun! The best is that we get individual personalized attention from the instructor to make sure our art pieces turn out great!"- VV, May 2014


"Thanks for teacher's guidance. Look forward to learning more." - Mel, May 2014


"Very personal coaching. Patient instructor. Hope to attend intermediate class" - Lena, May 2014


"My mom brought me to the class and I took up the wine bottle decoupage lesson. I enjoyed the class to create a piece of art that has the one and only design by me" - Rachel, May 2014



"I have signed for the technique classes in decoupage as well. It is fun and therapeutic." - Sarah, May  2014


"This was an unexpected class. I did not know I can create something so beautiful with decoupage. I thought I am not good at art but now I can make pretty things which are better than the ones I buy in shopping centres." - Mary, May 2014


"I wanted to learn to make my own presents to give away during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, so I took up decoupage. I enjoyed the class and made many new friends." - Susan, May 2014

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