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Reviews of Student Graduates (International Italy Decoupage Teacher/Artist Certificate with Distinction)

"I really enjoyed the classes, learning more than 30 decoupage techniques! Thanks to the trainer who gave good demonstrations on how each project to be completed with proper tools and mediums.

I would love to learn more of other techniques!" - Jessie

"Simply awesome! I have finally completed the whole program and the best is that I passed the exam. Hurray!" - Amai

"I learnt a lot, not only techniques but the entire program and teacher have brought my passion for creating and transforming normal things into beautiful gifts." - Connie

"A sense of accomplishment to complete the whole program . The feeling of mastering all the 30 techniques is awesome. Hope to work even harder to improve myself." - Yiran

"Exciting and fulfilling program." - Shuwen

"Great. Can put all I learnt into a big canvas with my own colours' choice, interpretation of the technique. Very fulfilling!" - Rolita

"Thanks to LoDaRe for introducing me to their certificate course which helps me to be registered as a Ministry of Education CCA/Enrichment Art Instructor within less than a year. I find the entire program very good. I learnt many techniques (special texture effects and decoupage tools) which are very applicable to any objects that I can make use of! - Linda

"Fun, learn many useful techniques( Certification course), not only for decoupage but mixed media as well. Definitely beneficial for people who love art and craft." - Lena

What Others Have to Say about Learning at LoDaRe

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