International European Mixed Media Decoupage with Special Effects Artist Certificate with Distinction


• Step by step demonstrations on what and how to execute the steps with type of material used.

• Course consist of 33 types of techniques for topics on decoupage, painting, moulding using clay,

special effects like pasting of gold/silver foil or paste.

• Course has been attended by students from China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Sri Lanka.

• Tutorial video link with password will be emailed to purchaser.

• Please indicate the date you like to receive the series of tutorial class video over a period of 3 months at the max.

• Students will be mailed the certificate upon photo submission of artworks completed and completion of project work. An evaluation will be given for students taking the exam via online face to face.

• Materials' fees are not included here.

• Overseas student can choose to purchase materials in their hometown though it is not advisable as it results in wrong materials used.

• Students who do not want to receive any certificate  but wish to attend the course will be automatically opted out of exam and evaluation.

• For more information, please email to contact@lodare.com.


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